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Product name£ºTensile tester

Product model£ºRH-KZY

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RH-KZY300 Tensile tester
The equipment applies to the tensile strength tests for sheet and other flaky material of low intensity.
Standards: ISO1924£¯2¡¢GB£¯T12914.
Measuring range: £¨0¡«300£©¡¢£¨0-30£©N
Resolution : 0.1£¬0.01N
Elongation of measuring range: £¨0¡«215£©mm
Elongation of Accuracy£º±0.1mm
Test speed : £¨2¡«200£©mm/min
Return speed: 450 mm/min
Chuck space: £¨10¡«200£©mm;  common: 50¡¢90¡¢100¡¢180¡¢200mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)£º400 X230 X700 mm
Weighs: Ô¼31kg



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