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Product nameMask Air Permeability Tester

Product modelRH-TQK490

DownloadMask Air Permeability Testerdownload



RH-TQK490 Mask Air Permeability Tester is using the latest technology. It is an ideal instrument for testing air permeability of various masks, leather, cloth, fabric, paper, cardboard or other sheet objects. RH-TQK490 Mask Air Permeability Tester is a fully integrated automatic instrument.



YY0469-2011“Medical surgical masks”, YY/T 0969-2013 “Disposable medical surgical masks”, EN 14683:2019 ISO9237, GB/T458, ISO5636/2, QB/T1667, GB/T22819, GB/T23227, ISO2965, YC/T172, GB/T12655, EN 14683:2019 “Medical face marks – Requirements and test methods”, etc.


Technical Parameters:

Measure Range

0400L/dm²/min, 0~200 (Pa/ cm²)


Pa/ cm²   Pa  L/dm²/min  μm/(Pas)  mm/s   m/s


0.01 (Pa/ cm²)  0.1Pa  0.01  L/dm²/min

Linear Error


Measuring Area


Air Flow Rate (Mask Test)


Pressure Difference



About 25kg


420×340×450 mm


AC 220V±22V, 50Hz


Touch screen in English display


Principle of fabric permeability test:

According to the principle of pressure difference method, place the pre-processed sample between the upper and lower test heads. A constant pressure difference is formed on both sides of the sample. Under the action of pressure difference, the air flows from the upper test head through the sample to the lower test head, and the air permeability of the sample is calculated according to the area, pressure difference and flow rate of the sample.


Principle of mask resistance test:

Measured the pressure difference between the two sides of the sample is by passing 8 L / min of air.


Product Features:

1. Using US computer chip and stepper motor, coupled with reasonable design precision machining, to ensure the equipment is of high accuracy and repeatability. The calibration of the pressure sensor and flow is traceable.

2. The instrument uses microcomputer technology, the test process is fully automated, fast and accurate. Touch-screen display results, and data recording and processing functions, with printing output.

3. This instrument has the high superiority. It can set the higher pressure difference for the paper with the lower permeability, and set the lower pressure difference for the paper with the higher permeability, easily and accurately measure the result.

4. The test of the permeability tester is automatic and fast, and the accuracy of the test results is guaranteed. This instrument effectively avoids these problems such as mishandling or low reproduction rate of test results.