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Brightness Meter
PTA Horizontal Tensile Tester "Dry or Wet Tensile test''
Tensile Tester
Tissue Paper Brust Tester
Air Permeability Tester
Corrugated Board Burst Strength Tester
Crush Tester
Tensile tester
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Guangzhou Runhu Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional instrumentation company consisting of research, production, sales, and technical service. As a high-tech company, Runhu’s main production includes professional testing equipment and facilities of paper, packaging, printing, plastic film and tobacco sheet. The headquarters of the company locates in Tianan Energy-saving Technology Park, Panyu District, Guangzhou.
Our company has a research team formed by several top technical professionals of the country. Its core innovational concept is to develop more advanced and more .....
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· Our paper packaging testing instruments
Hot Products
Corrugated Board Burst Strength Tester
Crush Tester
Tensile tester
Box Compression Tester
Cobb Absorption Tester
Bending Stiffness Tester (for cardboards)
Color Meter
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Crush Tester | Corrugated Board Burst Strength Tester | Paper Bursting Strength Tester | Tensile tester| Freeness Tester -schop| internal bond tester | Box Compression Tester |Color Meter|Brightness Meter |Tearing strength tester |Tearing strength tester|Bending Stiffness Tester (for cardboards) |Bending Stiffness Tester (for paper) |Smoothness Tester | Folding Endurance Tester |Softness Tester| Friction Tester Vertical Fluter
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