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Product name:Smoothness Tester

Product model:RH-BR10K

Download:Smoothness Testerdownload


RH-BR10K Smoothness Tester


RH-BR10K Smoothness Tester is a microprocessor-controlled instrument for the determination of smoothness of paper and board according to the Bekk Method. It is to test the smoothness of the paper or cardboard. According to the sample smoothness, This instrument has three gears that can test variety of samples quickly and accurately.





Technical Parameters:

Measure Range


Timing Accuracy

Timing1000s, error is less than ±1s

Vacuum Vessels

The large vacuum container:(380±1ml

The small vacuum container:(38±1ml

Contact Pressure


Vacuum Accuracy





About 37kg





1. Adopt imported high precision sensor and oil-free vacuum pump, low noise, high precision.

2. Adopt imported electromagnetic valve and stainless steel vacuum chamber, good sealing and advanced sealing technology, test results will be much more accurate and stable.

3. High resolution color touch screen operation system, automatic proceed test. The micro printer output, show the results of measurement and statistics. Friendly human-computer interface make cooperation simple and convenient. All are reflected the humanity design thought.

4. According to the sample smoothness, This instrument has three gears that can test variety of samples quickly and accurately.