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Product name:Internal Bond Tester

Product model:RH-T541

Download:Internal Bond Testerdownload

RH-T541 Internal Bond Tester


RH-T541 Internal Bond Tester is designed for measuring the internal fiber strength (Z-direction tensile strength) of paperboard. It widely used in the white paper board, box paper, kraft paper, white cardboard, parchment, bond and other internal bond strength testing. The bonding strength is an important index of cardboard printing performance.



ISO15754TAPPI T541GB/T 31110-2014


Technical Parameters:

Measure Range

(10~1000) kPa


0.1 kPa



Test area


Test speed

(1~200) mm/minStandard66mm/min

Pressure Range

99~1999NStandard :900N or  0.153.1MPa(Standard :1.4 MPa )

Time Range



335 ×325 ×515 mm






Product Feature:

1.     High precision and repeatability

Using high precision load cell transmission force value, American computer chip high-speed sampling control, stepper motor precision ball screw drive, coupled with reasonable design precision machining, to ensure the equipment is of high accuracy and repeatability.

2. High level of automation

From the compression and pasting time of adhesive tape to the z-direction rapid stretching (stripping).The automatic completion is not only convenient but also reduces human error, greatly improving the test accuracy.

3. Easy to use, easy to operate

High resolution color touch screen displayed in English, friendly man-machine interface operation. The test data statistical handling function, miniature printer output can also be connected to PC. Results when connected to a computer, in addition to the automatic memory storage, can also show that the tensile curves and save.

4. Used in scientific experiments and analysis

Stretch (peel off) test speed adhesion pressure compression time and other changeable preset, convenient for school scientific research units and other departments to conduct scientific experiments and analysis.

5. Easy to clean, easy calibration

The upper and lower pressure heads are easy to be removed, which makes it easy to leave residues on the adhesive tape during the cleaning experiment and to connect the standard sensor for force value calibration. 

6. Superior performance


This instrument is a new generation of products developed and produced by our company according to the latest international standards.