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Product name:Tensile tester

Product model:RH-KZY

Download:Tensile testerdownload

 RH-KZY Tensile Tester


RH - KZY series Tensile Tester is specially designed for paper tensile strength testing. RH-KZY Tensile Tester applies to the tensile strength tests for sheet and other flaky material of low intensity. It can test tensile force, tensile strength, fracture length, tensile energy absorption, tensile index, tensile energy absorption index of paper, paperboard, plastic film, and other nonmetal can used to test wet tensile strength of toilet paper.

Its range has 30N, 300N, 500N, 1000N, etc.,

30N: toilet paper, napkins, towels, wet strength, tensile strength, elongation of the test

300N: the general culture paper and packing paper test

500N/1000N: high strength paper detection



ISO1924/2GB/T12914GB/T1040GB2792GB/T14344GB/T2191GB/T 465.2GB/T2171QB/T1053


Technical Parameters:






Measure Range












Elongation of Measure Range


Elongation of Accuracy


Test Speed


Return Speed

450 mm/min

Chuck Distance

10200mm (adjustable) 5090100180200mm (in common use)








English Touch ScreenAutomatic testconnected to a computer


Product Features:

1.     High precision and repeatability

Force transducer with high precision, The factory accuracy is in the < 0.5%, better than ±1% ISO standards. Using stepper motor, precision ball screw, coupled with reasonable design, precision machining, to ensure the high repeatability of the equipment.

2. Long service life

Precision ball screw drive, the aluminum alloy panels, high quality machining technology and reasonable design, ensure the equipment is durable. Our company has a professional team that specialized in design and programming, We can upgrade the equipment, to ensure that the equipment is high-level.

3. Wide range of application

Several range to choose from, can make the instrument applies to all paper and cardboard.        The instrument can test paper tension resistance, tensile strength, elongation, elongation, breaking length, tensile energy absorption, tensile, tensile energy absorption index, breaking time, etc.

4. Easy to use, easy to operate

High resolution color touch screen displayed in English, friendly man-machine interface operation. Automatic test, the test data statistical handling function, miniature printer output can also be connected to PC. Results when connected to a computer, in addition to the automatic memory storage, can also show that the tensile curves and save.

5. Quick and efficient testing

Can be preset distance and speed of tests, make the test more quickly and efficiently.

6. Easy to metrology, calibration

Force transducer is on the upper part which is linked to the chuck. Users or measurement, convenient user or measurement, the calibration department (third party) with standard weight force calibration value, can calibrate the error of the instrument easily.