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Product name:Cut Tobacco Filling Power Tester

Product model:RH-YC152

Download:Cut Tobacco Filling Power Testerdownload

Cut Tobacco Filling Power Tester


RH-YC152 Determination of Filling Power Tester is special instrument used to test the cigarette silk (including cut lamina, expansion of leaf silk, reconstituted tobacco sheet, etc.) and expanding stem.

Its performance technical quality is leading level in the international which can completely replace the imported similar products. Filling value is an important physical property of cut tobacco. It not only affects the consumption of tobacco and the cost of cigarettes, but also affects the number of cigarette smoking resists. The amount of cigarette tar released which has important guiding significance of reducing tar and consumption. The equipment is widely used in the tobacco industry, research and quality inspection.


Standards: YC/T152-2001YC/T163-2003



1.     High precision & Repeatability

Using high precision length sensor, Sensor resolution is 0.001mm, which is much higher than the standard length accuracy ±0.01mm. The factory accuracy is in the  <0.02mm, better than <0.03mm standards. 

2.     Stable performance & Long service life

Master control chip is the Silicon Labs brand(USA),using new drive mode (Japanese Panasonic servo motor drive), precision ball screw drive (German). Aluminum alloy panel, high quality machining technology and reasonable design, ensure the equipment is stable performance, durable.

3.     Wide range of application & Functions

The application force, pressure speed and pressure time of the measuring head can be set arbitrarily within a certain range, which improves the applicability of the instrument. This function has a great significance to scientific research and testing institutions. The same instrument can detect the filling value of tobacco and stem filaments and improve the detection efficiency easily. Internal data statistical processing of the test instrument, with functions of sample moisture correction of the test, as long as input the test sample moisture and standard moisture, the revised test results showed that immediately and can save and print it out.

4.     Easy to use, easy to operate

High resolution color touch screen displayed in English, friendly man-machine interface operation. Automatic test, the test data statistical handling function, miniature printer output can also be connected to PC. Instrument connect to the weighing unit (Electronic scales), no longer limited to 10g sample weight. The effect of human factors on test results was reduced when the samples were weighed. The weight signal is transmitted directly to the control unit and is involved in the calculation of filling value. The detection data is more scientific and easier to operate.

5.  Easy to metrology, calibration

The instrument is equipped with a calibration procedure and a standard length measurement block. The length error and repeatability of the instrument can be easily calibrated by the user or the measurement and calibration department (third party).



Length Test

 Range: 0100 mm   Resolution:0.01mm

Accuracy: ±0.01mm   Repeatability: <0.03mm

 Measure Force


(Standard: 9.80N/19.6N/29.4N)

Errors: ±0.03N

Press Speed

(9.919.9) mm/s

(Standard: 19.5mm/s)

Errors: ±0.1 mm/s

Press Time


(Standard: 30.0s)

Accuracy: ±0.1s

Charging Barrel Size

Inner diameter: 60±0.01mm   Volume: 0.3L


330×340×510 mm


About 31 kg


AC220V, 50Hz


High resolution color touch screen, Full-automatic test