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Product name:Paper Bursting Strength Tester

Product model:RH-P1200

Download:Paper Bursting Strength Testerdownload


RH-P1200 Paper Bursting Strength Tester


RH-P1200 Paper Bursting Strength Tester is used as a multi-directional tensile test to identify failure, called bursting strength, in the direction of least resistance for evaluating physical strength and fiber bond. RH-P1200 Paper Bursting Strength Tester is available to test paper, foils, and tissue. RH-P1200 Paper Bursting Strength Tester can also be fitted with a device to measure the deflection of the sample prior to burst. RH-P1200 Paper Bursting Strength Tester is designed to meet international standards for tests on paper, foils, paper boards, corrugated board, textiles etc.



ISO2758GB454 QB/T1057TAPPI T403



1. Adopt pneumatic or Manual clamping sample and USA microcomputer control technology, color touch screen display and the functions of test data processing and printout .

2.Use stainless steel measurement head, precision screw driven, Aluminum-alloy panel, good quality copper oil cylinder.

3.  Use Silicon oil as the driving force to break the specimen to keep machine always clean.

4. When the specimen is broken, it automatically stores maximum. 

5. It have statistic function.

6. Modern design concept of electro-mechanical integration , it has compact structure ,elegant appearance and convenient maintenance.

7. The machine also can connect software and display real time testing curves.

8. The user can switch the unit between kPa and psi.


Product Features:

1.High precision

Force transducer with high precision, The factory accuracy is in the < 0.3%, better than ±0.5%FS standards.

2. Leading technology

The equipment can test burst strength. Our company has a professional team that specialized in design and programming, We can upgrade the equipment, to ensure that the equipment is high-level.

3.Good sealing, durable

High quality copper oil cylinder, precise design, precision ball screw drive, aluminum alloy panels, ensure the equipment is durable.

4. Easy operation

High resolution touch screen display in English/Chinese, human-computer interface. Automatic test with statistical data handling. Using the micro printer, also can connect the computer operation. When it connected to a computer, it can automatically saves test results, also can display test curves of burst strength and save.

5. High speed testing

Adopt pneumatic or Manual clamping sample and USA microcomputer control technology, make test more quickly and efficiently

6. Facilitate measurement and calibration

We set up calibration program of the equipment to facilitate measurement. When it is calibrating and entering the calibration test program, you can take the oil cup, change the calibration sensor.


Technical Parameters:

Measure Range



0.1 kPa



Test Speed


Clamping Force

0~2000kPa (adjustable)

Test System Sealing

In 1min, Pressure drop <10%Pmax


500×280×540 mm




AC 220V±22V, 50Hz